Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Hongi Hika

Results for hongi hikaHongi Hika was a powerful leader and wanted to get revenge from his enemies who killed his people and family members. But now his enemy got guns called musket he wanted to buy some musket but the people did not went to sell Muskets and also it cost a lot of flax, potato, Kumara for one musket  then in 1820 he went to england. With another chief they visit the beautiful castle of england and got a lot of gifts from the king but not guns the only thing he got was armour and swords when he was going home. He went to Australia trading 300 Musket for swords. Over five years he started fighting every enemies there was. And him and his man killed about 5000 people But finally He paid his price to of his son died and a lot of this relate die to Then one day he forgot to put on. His armour and he went to war and got shot then After several months he died slowly. Then all of the Island Maori tribe Got tired of fighting. And thought that piece was better than making war. The end                                                                                

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