Friday, November 2, 2018

Math Strategy

           Today we had to solve this math strategy I chose green one because my mum taught me that.
And we had to solve this one to and this time I chose the black one that in under the first one I chose it because it easy for me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Parakai pools or Parakai spring
In the morning I went with the Tamaki primary school holiday program we went on a
bus to go to Parakai pools with my two sisters, Joshua from school and my friend Jarod.

Firstly I got to the pools then I went to in the cold pool but I was too cold so I went in the hot spa it was very hot there was a hole in the roof so when it rained it came into the spa.
But there was a power cut so I went outside and went in the cold pool Then the people fixed something about the power cut and then I went on the.

Secondly I went on the water slide but I went down together with my friend Jarod. The slide was so big and so tall that when I went down the slide, I screamed loudly with my friend. But we were not allowed to go together so we got in trouble but we had fun.

Finally it was a happy day at Parakai pools because I had so much fun! I want to go again.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Tongan language week

In the morning on Thursday at Tongan language week I had fun and played games.

In the morning on Thursday I went outside and look for a game to play.

And then I saw a game to play this is how to play there is two team one team throw the ball and the other make the castle.
It had so much fun and I play a lot of games. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Feedback boxing

Walt Learning how to box using the 3 commandments


The three commandments.

I will have to respect my coach my my peers and the sport of boxing

I was having a disappointment to turn up boxing session and give me 100%

I will not cause harm to other and only practice boxing in a safe environment under

the guidance of a coach.

It was hot at boxing my hand was sweating and I was doing a rock stand. Jarred won a prize because he got the three commandments right.

It was fun at boxing thanking you I want to have more time at boxing.  


Earthquake proof house

Walt: Ako/Learning from each other and learning with each other

On Wednesday in the morning yesterday we were going to make a earthquake proof house.

In Room 3 our buddy class and the teacher said how to make it. We each got a milk box, some 

decorating tools, and a planning sheet. And we made our earthquake proof house then I cut and 

decorator it. Furthermore when we finish decorated it we painted it with black.Then we dry it in the sun and put some bubble wrap under it then we tested it out.